Sustaining Learners

ECMStep 2023


Education remains the cornerstone of societal progress and individual empowerment. It will forever be the key to unlocking human potential and driving positive change in our communities and beyond. The ECMSTEP project, which is the partnership between Funda Afrika and Eastern Cape department of education, funded by Tirisano Construction Fund, was conceived, and executed with the vision of improving access to quality education, fostering a love for learning, and bridging educational disparities in three regions of Eastern Cape.

The 21st century demands a highly skilled and adaptable workforce, well-equipped to navigate complex challenges and opportunities. Many learners, particularly those in underserved communities, continue to face barriers that impede their educational advancement. The project recognizes the urgency of this situation and seeks to make a meaningful impact on education. By addressing these disparities, the project aims to empower project learners to reach their full potential, promoting social mobility and a more equitable society.
IDC Tirisano

Beneficiary Base

The programme is serving and providing teaching and learning services to 150 learners, with the primary focus in Mathematics and Physical Sciences.Learn More

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