Learner Support

Learner Support

Our School Transformation And Empowerment (Step) Projects Cover The Following:

    Post-School Career Guidance:

  • Funda Afrika has in progress this new venture which is based on the information deficits regarding the world of employment and further study among township and rural schools in partnership with funders and respective departments of Education.
  • The programme supports many South African learners in discovering their individual suited spaces in the vast world of work and further study opportunities in the country.
    Subject Support in Primary Schools:

  • Improved teaching and learner performance in Maths in Intermediate Phase classes in primary schools, as demonstrated by school literacy programmes.
  • Laying of sound foundations for Senior Phase learning.
    Study Tips:

  • Help learners identify their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Teaching of effective time management.
  • Learner Motivation.
  • Helping learners plan and schedule their work effectively.
  • Assisting learners in sourcing support materials related to their subjects of study such as blogs or forums.

Although effective study skills strategies are critical for academic success, for many reasons students are seldom taught them. Perhaps chief among these reasons is simply that teachers assume students already possess such skills, having picked them up in the earlier grades.