Men of Tomorrow

Men In The Making

Formerly known as Men In The Making, The Men of Tomorrow is one of the special programs presented by our funders and is focused on young men in the STEP Schools. Mission is to provide programming to cultivate leadership, social awareness and personal growth in young men.

It may be too late to save the grown men we have today but it’s not too late to raise the next generations of men to be loving, kind, respectful, and strong leaders.

The men of today are a product of the past. We cannot change them or change what is. But we can change what is to come. We must instead turn our focus to the future, the Men of Tomorrow. The Men of Tomorrow are our future leaders, visionaries, and responsible fathers.

Now the last thing we want to say about that is “boys will be boys” as that is really the weakest of cop-outs. It means we have to say “right, let’s switch this boy on to reading, by telling him stories, reading bedtime books to him, and keeping on chatting to him and listening to him as we go about our day. The world doesn’t need men who can wrestle buffalo any more, but every boy and man needs to be able to communicate. We help our young men to catch up with girls, and get along well with them.