Cosmo City (Gauteng) 5 Secondary schools
Diepsloot (Gauteng) 2 Secondary schools
Tshwane South and West (Gauteng) 8 High Schools and 7 Primary Schools
East London (Easter Cape) 6 Secondary and 9 Primary Schools

Since the founding of our company, we have worked in over a 100 schools in five provinces, with the consistent support of funders such as our major donor, the former Xstrata Coal mining company who engaged Funda Afrika for many years until the takeover from Glencore Mining.

Project Vision:
  • To develop primary and secondary schools in semi-rural and peri-urban areas around East London and Gauteng into fully functional and effective institutions delivering ongoing improvement of learner performance for the eventual increase of employment levels in the target communities.
  • To institutionalize best practices in leadership, management and administration at project schools and also raise literacy and numeracy levels among intermediate school leavers in the target areas by at least 20%.
  • To improve the quantity and quality of Grade 12 (high school leaving) passes in ‘gateway subjects’ Mathematics, Physical Science and English by at least 20%.
  • To improve the involvement level of the parent/caregiver community in schools through focused support and training of School Governing Bodies (SGBs).
  • To improve teacher efficiency and morale by training and guidance on the implementation of national curriculum statements and learner assessment requirements.
  • To improve and institutionalise regular internal monitoring of teacher and learner performance in the target schools.
  • Funda Afrika manages Education Quality Improvement Partnership (EQUIP) projects on contract with the National Business Initiative (NBI).